Thanks to your support of Taproot Guru, we have been able to make a $100.00 donation to each of last year's nonprofits (Australian Marine Conservation Society, Evergreen Audubon, The Greenbelt Conservancy, and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust). We thank you very much for that!

Organizations we have supported in other years

Organization We Support 2021


Ocean First Institute



For 2021 I am sponsoring the Ocean First Institute.

They say knowing is half the battle, and when it comes to saving the ocean, the Ocean First Institute is at the head of the pack! Based in Boulder, Colorado, this non-profit is spearheading the fight for the ocean through educating children of various ages through weekly classes, online tutorials and summer camps! They also have regular research projects on shark and stingray populations! I love how this center for learning is smack in the middle of the continent. They're regularly teaching new generations that the ocean affects us all no matter where you live. I'm endorsing this fantastic organization for their tireless work to spread awareness!

Stephen Curro


Colorado Beagle Rescue, Inc.

Colorado Beagle Rescue, Inc. is a nonprofit organization operated 100% by volunteers who are dedicated to preserving the welfare of the Beagle breed. They do NOT have a facility to shelter dog(s) that are available for adoption. Dogs are kept in their own home or foster homes until adopted. This keeps the dogs in a rich, loving environment until their forever home is located. Like my Lucas, they rescue and rehome beagle-mixes as well as purebred dogs. They vigilantly scour the state for dogs in need as well as accept surrenders from anywhere.

The organization relies completely upon volunteers and donations. General and specific donations help cover the cost of spaying/neutering, veterinary care, food, foster placement, transportation of dogs, identification tags, etc. They also accept automobile donations and are in constant need of basic office supplies. Annual donations are also accepted for their fundraising “garage sale” and for other events supported. Many beagle lovers take advantage of estate planning and leave something for the organization after they are gone. Volunteers are vital and appreciated. If you have a place in your heart for these loving dogs, consider helping in administration, making phone calls, event planning, checking in on foster dogs, transporting dogs, fostering, etc. For more information check out or call 303-464-9403.

I plan to help Taproot Guru donate in 2021 to honor the memory of my Lucas.

Annette Aldridge


The Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center

This year I have once again chosen to support an organization that is very close to my heart, Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, located in Mystic Connecticut. Their mission statement is as follows: 'To inspire an understanding of the natural world and ourselves as part of it - past, present and future.' And boy do they deliver!

Throughout the year they offer educational programs starting with their Chickadees, ages 2 and up, along with many adult education programs, too. They offer a wide variety of classes geared especially towards children who love Nature, and they soon change the minds of those who don't. The children spend hours outdoors on DPNC's acres of woodland paths and ponds, gaining hands on knowledge of everything from Frogs to Falcons. What is most important is the fact that these children learn to love and respect all creatures large and small, along with the importance of preserving the planet, and they have tons of fun while learning!! They literally become young Taproot Guru's!

I have spent decades hiking the trails at DPNC, and nothing makes me happier than hearing the joy and laughter of the children who spend their days there!! If you would like to learn more about DPNC and all the programs they offer, please visit their website

Maria Casolaro



For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue

For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue

The organization whose work I chose to highlight and support this year is For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue. This is a small volunteer run rehabilitation facility in Chattanooga, TN

Their mission statement speaks for itself:
At For Fox Sake, we believe that all wild animals deserve to live free as part of the natural ecosystem. When wild animals are orphaned, injured, sick, or otherwise in need of help, we work to stabilize them, treat them and to release them to their native environment. We also help to educate the public to minimize human-wildlife conflicts, to protect both human health and the natural world."

Don't let their name fool you .... their rescues can be a varied lot .... skunks, raccoons, opossums, reptiles, amphibians, bobcats and foxes!

Their accomplishments are many and their struggles just as numerous. Last year alone, they found themselves needing to rebuild much of their facility when tornados hit the area damaging cages and critter environments.

They are a small organization but very big of heart! On top of their direct interaction with animal rescue and rehabilitation, they do educational presentations as well! Taproot Guru shares a lot of wonderful information off their very active FaceBook page!

All in all ... they rescue, they mend, the nurse and they love the animals in their care but above all, their mission is to release each and everyone of them back into the wild!

Debbie Murphy


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