Thanks to your support of Taproot Guru, we have been able to make a $100.00 donation to each of last year's nonprofits (Mission Blue, International Fund for Animal Welfare, The American Eagle Foundation, and The Wild Animal Sanctuary). We thank you very much for that!

Organizations we have supported in other years

Organization We Support 2020


Australian Marine Conservation Society

For over fifty years, the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has fought tirelessly to preserve marine animals and ecosystems. Their projects include protecting the Great Barrier Reef, the endangered Australian Sea Lion and marine reserves from exploitation. The AMCS regularly runs petitions and campaigns to push for corporate and government reform regarding how humans interact with the ocean. In the past they helped craft the international ban on whaling and stop mining in the Great Barrier Reef! Australia may be on the other side of the world from America, but the ocean connects us all, and the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Now more than ever our oceans need help, and the AMCS is working wonders for our planet. This is why I am supporting the Australian Marine Conservation Society for 2020!

Stephen Curro


Evergreen Audubon

In 1978, it became a chapter of the National Audubon Society. The Evergreen Nature Center was opened in the warming hut on Evergreen Lake in the Spring of 2008 as a way for Evergreen Audubon to reach out to the community and visitors. The Nature Center seeks to foster contagious enthusiasm and life-long respect for the natural world by providing fun and inspiring educational experiences. Kids love the Touch Table with real animal furs and antlers, and adults enjoy the animal and bird displays. They present information about the natural environment in the area and a beautiful view of the Lake. A new resident of the center is a bullsnake named Jennifer.

In addition to the Evergreen Nature Center, they achieve their mission through field trips, summer day camps, after school programs, in-school involvement and numerous public events and projects throughout the year. They also provide online virtual learning focusing on "mindfulness in nature" while learning about birds and all the species which are part of their ecosystem.

Annette Aldridge


The Greenbelt Conservancy

This year, I have chosen The Greenbelt Conservancy. Their beautiful parks, forests, hiking trails and educational environmental programs have given me so much joy over the years so, I wanted to give back a bit.

Here, from their website, is what they're all about:Greenbelt Conservancy:
The Conservancy raises funds for many purposes, including maintenance and operation of the Carousel for All Children; natural resource management, which includes trail maintenance, mapping; and the exhibits and operations at our Nature Center and environmental education programs for PreK-school age students during the school year and in summer camp. The Board of Directors is responsible for the wise management of its endowment, increasing funds and public participation, protection and management of Greenbelt lands and expanding public programs.

The Conservancy raises money to support:

  • Environmental Education Programs in High Rock Park and the Greenbelt Nature Center including summer camp, school visit programs
  • Natural Resource Management including trail maintenance, mapping, forestry and wetland management, plant and wildlife monitoring, invasive plant management and the planting of native trees and shrubs
  • Greenbelt Nature Center exhibits, operations and a wide array of environmental education programs
  • Carousel for All Children maintenance and operation, The Carousel is located in the Greenbelt's Willowbrook Park
  • Special Community Events that encourage enjoyment of the Greenbelt including the High Rock Challenge 10k Adventure Race, Blue Jean Ball, Shakespeare in the Greenbelt, Annual Pumpkin Festival and many more.
  • Please visit their website to learn more:

    Maria Casolaro



    David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

    Founded in 1977, and working in Kenya, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) is one of the most all encompassing wildlife organizations I have ever heard of .... anti-poaching units, local environmental education programs, tree planting, beehive fencing, providing water during their frequent droughts, extensive veterinary services: both mobile and airborne. They work tirelessly in support of their local wildlife!

    At the heart of DSWT's work is their award winning "Orphans' Project" where orphaned elephants, rhinos and giraffes are rescued, raised and released. To date, 261 elephant orphans and 17 hand raised rhino babies have been loved back to health! DSWT's work is labor intensive (the orphan elephants are milk bottle fed every three hours for 2 years or more!), and costly but worth every dime as the Trust sees them returning back into the wild, where they belong! I am utterly amazed at the scope of their projects and incredible rates of success. You must visit their website to really understand the scope of their work!

    Please help TRG help DSWT!

    Debbie Murphy


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