Dr. Maureen Shaughnessy

My animal interest predated speech and organized thought.

I grew up in Wisconsin and since, when I started college there was no veterinary school in Wisconsin, I decided to attend a
program at the Medical Institute of Minnesota. I graduated with an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology and worked
for approximately three months as a veterinary technician before I realized my interest in medicine had become nearly equal
to my interest in animals.

I moved to Oklahoma to join my family who had relocated there, to attend Oklahoma State University's College of Veterinary
Medicine, graduating in 1988. I have worked at various practices over the years, as an associate veterinarian and later as
traveling relief veterinarian and decided to join the ranks of practice owners in 2012 when I purchased Hartland Animal
Hospital in Hartland, Wisconsin.

My great passion is raising and competing with Golden Retrievers, in my estimation the best dogs on the planet. I've shown
them in conformation, obedience, and field tests since the 1980s and intend to continue competing until I drop in my tracks.


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