Debbie Murphy

There were a lot of life journeys that led me to Taproot Guru.

On every single one of them, there was a lesson to learn. Looking back, the lessons I have enjoyed the most have had their roots in the world of nature and being able to share those discoveries with others.

For years I have been living with the strong desire to make a positive difference in this world. Unfortunately, it always seemed too broad a scope to really accomplish anything.

Then one morning, life nudged me to just stop and listen ... I found myself hearing a news broadcast about a brown bear being found in a local neighborhood and that we should “beware” ... And the word “beware” really caught my attention ... Beware? Be afraid? Be wary of our wildlife?

Well, here’s the problem, i thought! How the heck can we be asking people to co-exist with critters on this planet when we have put it into their heads that wildlife is scary? The more I thought about that and the more I listened to what is continually being broadcasted to we earth stewards, I began to see a real opening for change.

As long as everyone is a student of life anyway, let’s just do some re-teaching. Let’s turn some of this negativity around ... let’s remind people that we are indeed all members of Spaceship Earth. Everything on this Earth is connected and it’s darn well time we all realized that we need each other to survive. We sure do need to start playing nice!

Out of the blue ... a good friend says “let’s start a non-profit ... about animals” and I said, well, as a matter of fact, I’ve been thinking of just the one we need to create!

Taproot Guru is now a non-profit organization which deals with positives. We address negative with positive because, heaven knows, we have way too much negativity in our lives today. Too much conflict ... too much intolerance ... too much criticism ... too much, too much, too much!

For this journey, I, first and foremost, contribute a love for animals and a passion to pass that love to others. I bring along a B.S. in Anthropology, a lot of years in the non-profit world with some nice educational program successes along the way.

I have had the incredible experience of working with and being inspired by some very fine role models: Dr. Jane Goodall, Bill Nye, Dr. Richard Murphy of Ocean’s Future, Greenpeace, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Dr. Kathie Amidei ..... people and
organizations that demonstrated that education and passion is what drives change.

I want to drive change ... in my own small way.

Welcome, everyone, to Taproot Guru!


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